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Module RequestParameters


Type aliases

Type aliases


RequestParameters: { baseUrl?: Url; headers?: RequestHeaders; mediaType?: { format?: string; previews?: string[] }; request?: RequestRequestOptions }

Parameters that can be passed into request(route, parameters) or endpoint(route, parameters) methods

Type declaration

  • [parameter: string]: unknown

    Any additional parameter will be passed as follows

    1. URL parameter if ':parameter' or {parameter} is part of url
    2. Query parameter if method is 'GET' or 'HEAD'
    3. Request body if parameter is 'data'
    4. JSON in the request body in the form of body[parameter] unless parameter key is 'data'
  • Optional baseUrl?: Url

    Base URL to be used when a relative URL is passed, such as /orgs/{org}. If baseUrl is https://enterprise.acme-inc.com/api/v3, then the request will be sent to https://enterprise.acme-inc.com/api/v3/orgs/{org}.

  • Optional headers?: RequestHeaders

    HTTP headers. Use lowercase keys.

  • Optional mediaType?: { format?: string; previews?: string[] }

    Media type options, see GitHub Developer Guide

    • Optional format?: string

      json by default. Can be raw, text, html, full, diff, patch, sha, base64. Depending on endpoint

    • Optional previews?: string[]

      Custom media type names of API Previews without the -preview suffix. Example for single preview: ['squirrel-girl']. Example for multiple previews: ['squirrel-girl', 'mister-fantastic'].

  • Optional request?: RequestRequestOptions

    Pass custom meta information for the request. The request object will be returned as is.

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